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                 FREIGHT SHIPPING GUIDE - START TO FINISH                                   How to Ship Freight - The Basics    Submit a quote request... using the information available for your freight shipment such as the origin and  destination zip codes, a description of items to ship, and special handling, service and transportation requests    Receive a Quick Freight Rate or Full Quote... (depending on whether you have partial information and  use the FAST & EASY FREIGHT RATES request on our Home Page, or if you know more details and click the red FREIGHT RATES button located at the top of this page for a Full Quote on your Freight Shipment)    Freight preparation... verify that your shipment is adequately packaged & ready for transport    Provide final shipment details... and finalize billing/payment information with Knight Flight Cargo    Contact Knight Flight... to dispatch your freight pick up according to the service level requested     Tracking information... When you need to know the progress of your freight... it’s our job to know.  Electronic online tracking technology is powerful and provides you with locations, check-points, and Proof of Delivery (POD) information fast and accurately.   However, we also follow up verbally with drivers to verify progress and details.  Tracking control numbers are provided on request so that you can directly track shipments on your computer or mobile device - or request special updates from our dispatch team    Final shipment billing... will be submitted to you by Knight Flight after final shipment details and proof of  delivery are verified.  Any cost and billing adjustments (based on actual requirements and freight verifications), will be submitted with your emailed billing                           Freight  - All Shapes & Sizes    How to Ship Freight - The Details We offer multiple options for receiving a freight quote:   (1) Fastest & Most Accurate:  Direct Person to Person by phone:  303-261-1225, or by Email:  (2) Fill out the Fast & Easy Freight Rates form located on our Home Page for the fastest response: (3) Click on the red Freight Rates button located on any page to link to a more detailed Quote form: With additional details we can provide a more accurate quote, however, you only need to answer the questions you know.   We will assist with any additional questions required.  As a new customer, we suggest starting with the Fast & Easy Form for a ballpark Shipping Quote factoring only basic shipment information.    When you are ready to ship:     Repeat Customers who are ready to have a shipment dispatched may prefer clicking the green Ship Freight button: The Ship Freight questions provide us with most final dispatch details.  If (or when) you become our regular customer, you may decide to go straight to the Ship Freight button versus starting with a quote request. For more accurate freight quotes we will need the following information.  Not every requirement and situation is outlined below. Every freight shipment must be quoted individually, and final quotes/charges are based on the actual specifications and requirements for each shipment. Weight, size, quantity, value, class/commodity, fragility, shape, new/used, & packaging types for freight shipments. Weight  Weight for each unit (box, crate, pallet, piece, etc.) is required.  You may estimate weights - but final billing will be based on actual confirmed freight weight.  Carriers reserve the right to re-weigh and verify all freight and to adjust charges accordingly. Size Dimensions & Quantities Length” x Width” x Height” for each unit (outside dimensions of box, crate, pallet, piece, etc.).  Total dimensions of all pieces  combined may be helpful.  It’s not always necessary to provide combined dimensions.  Record weights and dimensions, and label each piece.  Note the total number of pieces (pallets, crates, loose pieces, etc.) such as 1 of 8, 2 of 8, etc.   Value The declared value of freight must be verifiable and documented when proof of value is required if ever a claim is made.  Value must be noted for each individual piece/unit (pallet, crate, box, loose piece, etc.).  Certain items are not protected, or are only protected to specific declared value limits as documented by each freight carrier, or as required under regulations.  Freight Class Number, Commodity, & NMFC Number Respective numbers are determined by the types of items shipped based on the descriptions and specifications of the commodities you ship.  If you have a verified Class and/or an NMFC number for your item/commodity please let us know. If you don’t have them, we can assist.  At a minimum we will need an accurate description of what you are shipping.  If you provide a Class and/or NMFC number which is incorrect, carriers reserve the right to reclassify items correctly per regulations. Fragility, Handling, & Custom Freight How fragile is the commodity you are shipping?  Glass and electronics ship at a different rate using different handling than     shipments such as tires and bricks.  Be sure you clearly document all special handling requirements and verify whether they can be accommodated.  Freight must be labeled with any special handling instructions (this side up, do not stack, do not tip...) Oversized freight and custom freight often require a dedicated or specialized trailer and occasionally require escort pilot cars. Shape If the item(s) you ship are unpackaged or an odd shape, special handling and transportation may be required.  We highly  recommend that freight be palletized or crated for protection, and to meet the adequate packaging requirements noted within carrier standards.  If items exceed the outside edges of pallets, it is likely they will rub and bump against other freight. New/Used New items are items not previously used or sold, or which are certifiably refurbished - shipped from a manufacturer to a  customer - “new in the box”.  Used items are any items which do not meet new item requirements and are not eligible for certain declared value protections and/or coverages.  The conditions of items are not verified / documented prior to shipping. Packaging Type Item(s) are typically shipped on a pallet, in a slat crate or fully enclosed crate, or loose (unpackaged), etc.  All items must be  adequately packaged to carrier standards for protection considering handling, value, fragility, transport, pick up and delivery  location specifics and requirements, and with consideration of all US Department of Transportation safety factors.  Items which do not meet carrier, government, and safety standards are not permitted for shipment, including but not limited to illegal items, dangerous, flammable, explosive items, hazardous materials, and any other item(s) which pose a threat according to public safety rules and regulations.  Every unit shipped must be individually labeled with the origin and destination addresses, and labeled and marked with any special handling instructions.  We recommend numbering each unit (1 of X, 2 of X, etc. with X representing the total number of units).  As a rule of thumb, over-package your freight with extra packing materials at least 4” thick or as appropriate for the item you are shipping.  Be sure all items on pallets or skids are shrink wrapped and banded to the pallet or skid base.  Hazmat materials must be disclosed by all customers and are not   accepted by Knight Flight Cargo Services.  All items shipped are subject to official inspections when required.         PICK UP & DELIVERY LOCATION INFORMATION and BILLING INFORMATION Origin / Shipper / Consignor Zip Code - The postal zip code the freight will be picked up from   Destination / Ship to / Consignee Zip Code - The postal zip code the freight will be delivered to Street addresses for the Origin & Destination Locations - Street address, building & unit number, City & State Contact Names & Phone Number at Origin & Destination - Full names and phone numbers  and emails for contacts Pick Up and Delivery days/hours for Origin & Destination - Days and hours which Origin & Destination locations are open All Billing information for Shipments - Complete information must be supplied for account billing requests including all      contact parties, third party information, COD - Collect on Delivery requests, purchase      order numbers, prepayment discount confirmation, credit information, etc. Origin & Destination Details - Commercial Business Building,  Residential, Job Site, Church, Convention Center, Govt Building,    Freight Terminal, Secured Access Location, Limited Access Streets, Construction Site, etc.      Do locations have a loading dock, forklift, loading ramp, limited access, rural access, etc. Standard Ground - Freight shipped by truck over USA roadways to metropolitan and rural locations Freight Services      LTL = Less Than a Truckload:  Freight is transported with other freight and transferred at freight terminals      Partial Truckload:  Freight is typically transported with other freight point to point without terminal stops      TL = Truckload:  Full Truckloads are typically transported point-to-point without stops for other freight           - Freight which delivers faster than standard ground service with optional guarantees      Dedicated, Direct Freight, Load to Ride:  Priority transport on a truck typically dedicated for your delivery      Expedited: Faster freight delivery service point-to-point, often utilizing team drivers      Hot Shot:  Fastest freight shipment delivery typically by ground cargo vans / trucks directly to destinations      Air Cargo:  Freight delivery by aircraft with ground support, typically same/next day where possible                                     -   Freight categories shipped by Knight Flight Cargo Services          Local Shipping:  Local freight pick up and delivery, freight consolidation, freight distribution     Regional Freight Shipping:  Intrastate freight and interstate freight shipments, distribution, and delivery     Long Haul / Over The Road:  Cross country freight shipments across the United States from coast to coast      Custom Freight:  Shipping Heavy-Haul equipment, wide loads w/pilot cars, railway/intermodal, & loose freight                                                                                                - (See Photos below)       Flatbed uncovered trailer, Flatbed with tarp covers and straps required, Enclosed trailer (also known as a Dry Van),      Pup (shorter) Enclosed trailer, Step Deck / Drop Deck trailer, RGN = Removable Goose Neck trailer, Low Boy trailer,      Double Drop trailer, Air Ride Trailer, Lift Gates for loading without a forklift or dock, Load Locks, Sealed Trailers, etc.
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   Bentonite Clay on Stacked Pallets
Spools Banded to Pallet
Slat Crate
Enclosed Crates        on Skids
Loose Freight on Flatbed
  Custom Packaging on Pallet
Flatbed Trailer
Tarped Flatbed Trailer
Enclosed Dry Van Trailer
LTL  Enclosed Pup Dry Van Trailer
Step Deck - Drop Deck Trailer
Low Boy Double Drop Deck Trailer
Heavy Haul RGN Removable Goose Neck Double Drop Deck Trailer
Lift Gate
Shipment Types
Dedicated, Expedited, Hot Shot, Air 
Semi Trailer Type & Load Handling Equipment
The tips on these pages are not all-inclusive of every scenario and every detail for shipping freight.  Certain freight shipments will require different handling, preparation, precautions, etc.  Before shipping freight, speak directly to your professional freight agent about your shipment and the specific handling, care, and transportation arrangements it will require. How to Ship Freight - Start to Finish Jan 2016 Click Here   Best Semi Tractor Photos